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Greetings to all from Marc Tarplee, N4UFP


I’d like to begin with some congratulations: an amateur in our section, Gary Dixon, K4MQG, was inducted into the CQ Magazine DX Hall of Fame on May 17 at the annual DX Banquet at the Dayton Hamvention. The CQ DX Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made significant contributions to DXing, and Gary joins a distinguished list of DXers who have been inducted since the award’s founding in 1967. I have known Gary for a number of years and his contributions to our hobby are many; I can’t think of a more deserving individual.


A quick reminder: Roanoke Division Vice-Director Jim Boehner, N2ZZ, and Charlie Miller, AE4UX, are visiting Field Day sites this year in SC. I will be off operating in Ohio as W4YCC / 8, but I would like to work as many SC Field Day operations as I can from the Buckeye State, so please let me know your group’s call sign.


 We are only about a month away from the 2013 Upstate Hamfest at This year's Upstate Hamfest takes place on 4 May 2013 at:

 Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds
575 Fairgrounds Road
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Website: http://brars.org
Sponsor: Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society

Talk-In: 146.610 (no PL tone) or 146.82

Public Contact: Rick Bagwell
108 Pinonwood Court
Simpsonville, SC 29680



I would like to thanks all the folks who took a moment to send comments regarding Winter Field Day. There appears to be support in the section to do something like this, so a logical next step is selecting a day. I would be interested to hear from SC amateurs regarding  potential dates for Winter Field Day. I think that November and December are out, but January, February, and perhaps even March are possibilities.


I recently ran into a local (Rock Hill) entrepreneur, Danny Feemster, who recently became a licensed amateur radio operator. For the past decade, he has operated a large volume GMRS and LMR internet radio dealership whose lines include Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, and Vertex Standard. More recently, they have branched out into other products such as marine and CB gear. One of the interesting things about an Internet business is that you can be very successful without being visible locally and that is certainly the case here. I didn’t have any idea that this business was in Rock Hill, until I met Danny. He is interested in changing that; he is exploring the addition of some amateur equipment to his product line and strengthening his local presence, which could result in an amateur radio equipment vendor being located in the center of the Carolinas. If you want to know more, his company’s website is: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/.



The following information on VE testing comes from Wayne, W4ORS

Amateur radio exams are given 4 times a year in Florence SC on the 2nd Saturdays in February, April,
October, and December at 9 a.m.sharp.

The February and October exams are given at the Methodist Manor in Florence, SC located at 2100 Twin Church Road.

From I-95 take exit 157 and had west toward Florence (US Hwy 76). Turn right at the first traffic light onto Twin Church Road. The Manor is about 3 football fields on the left. If you are coming from another direction, get on US 76 (W Palmetto Street), and head west toward
Timmonsville. About a mile outside of Florence city limits you will pass by the Honda auto dealership. From this point you will go through 3 traffic lights. At the 4th traffic light (about 3 miles from Honda dealership) turn left onto Twin Church Road and go about 3 football fields. It will be on your left.

The April and December exams are given at Carolinas Hospital in Building B. The hospital is at 805 Pamplico Hwy (State Hwy 61). This hwy cuts across US 301 and US 52 on the south side of town.

The fee for the exam is $10 and payable by check (made out to WCARS) or cash. If you paying cash, please try to bring the exact amount. We have problems when we get too many $20 bills.

If you have a license you must bring a copy of your license AND the original license, a photo ID and a credit card with your name on it.

For more information contact Wayne Howell, 1-843-662-0733 or w4orw56@sc.rr.com (That is letter O after 4 and NOT zero.) GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAM.


I received the following information from Al, WS4P, regarding the 2012 Sumter Hamfest:

"Due to loss of venue at the last minute, the Sumter Amateur Radio Association has canceled the 2012 Sumter Hamfest, scheduled for Saturday, October 27th. An effort was made upon learning this last week to secure another venue but all suitable places were already booked for that date. We apologize if this late announcement inconveniences anyone. The hamfest committee is now looking at other availabilities and planning for a great one next year on the 4th Saturday in October".

Please pass this information along to anyone planning to attend.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Sumter on the fourth Saturday in October 2013.


The Week of 18 June 2012 is Amateur Radio Week in SC!

Click Here to View Governor Haley's Proclamation


Swedish Amateur needs QSO with a fixed station in Allendale County, SC

I recently received an e-mail from Lars Erik Bohm, SM5CAK, who is attempting to work all US Counties by contacts only with fixed stations. He needs only one county in SC, Allendale County, and asked me to put the word out that he is looking for a sked. He is interested in working and exchanging QSL’s with any fixed station in Allendale County. He currently is active on 20m – 10m CW and phone on the following frequencies: CW 14033, 21033 and 28033, SSB 28333, 21333 and 14280-14300. +-QRM. Best times to work Sweden from SC are probably 1400 – 1600Z or 0400 – 0500Z on 20m, later than 1300Z on 15m and 10m. I hope that someone will be able to help him out – he has less than 150 counties left to work.

Subject: Volunteers Needed for Tour de Cure

Greetings South Carolina Amateurs,

Tammy, N4TAL, our PIC, reports that the Columbia Amateur Radio Club needs volunteers to cover the abovementioned  event.  Presently, CARC has less than half of the number of hams needed to provide full support.  If you are available this Saturday. May 5th, and able to help.
Temperatures will likely reach 90 degrees, meaning that riders will be cramping/dehydrated and will need additional SAG support.  If you have a truck and are willing to act as a SAG or SWEEP, that will be
extremely helpful. If you only have an HT, CARC can still use you on a rest stop.
Please volunteer if you can. 350+ riders will be riding in this event and we'd like to keep them all safe.


The Florence Amateur Radio Club will be offering VE testing on the 2nd Saturday of February, April, October, and December at 9:00 am.  The club uses different locations on different months, so read the directions below carefully before attending one of their sessions.

If you are taking the amateur radio exam given on the 2nd Saturday in February or October: Thank you for your e-mail about the amateur radio exam given at the Methodist Manor, located at 2100 Twin Church Road. Head toward Timmonsville on US 76 (W. Palmetto Street). About a mile outside of the city limits you will see a Honda auto dealership on your right. From the Honda dealership travel 2 1/4 more miles and go thru 3 traffic lights. When you come to the 4th traffic light, turn left onto Twin Church Road. The Methodist Manor is about 1,000 yards ahead on you left. If you are coming from I-95 turn at the Timmonsville-Florence interchange, exit 157, and head east toward Florence. About a mile away you will come to a traffic light. Turn right onto Twin Church Road and go about 1,000 yards. The Methodist Manor will be on your left.

If you are taking the amateur radio exam given on the 2nd Saturday in April or December: Thank you for your e-mail about the amateur radio exam given at Carolinas Hospital, located on the Pamplico Hwy (SC 51). The exam will be given on the 2nd floor of Building B. All of the exterior doors on Buildings A and B are usually locked on weekends. Therefore, to enter Building B you enter thru the lobby of the tall main tower. Once inside you will see signs showing the entrance of Building B. Take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor. The room is in the middle of the 2nd floor of Building B.

Important exam information - Please read carefully Please arrive early because the exam begins promptly at 9 a.m., and we can’t interfere with the daily operation of Carolinas Hospital nor the Methodist Manor. The cost of the exam is $10, payable by check or cash. We cannot make change when presented with a lot of $20 or larger bills. When paying by check; make it payable to W.C.A.R.S..(short for Western Carolina Radio Society) State on the check that it is for the amateur radio exam. We encourage checks made out to W.C.A.R.S. rather than cash. Each person must provide two ID’s: One must be a photo ID driver’s license or passport, and the second one may be a plain credit card, club membership card, etc. with or without a photo. VERY IMPORTANT If you have a current and valid amateur license, you must bring it and a photo copy of your license before you can take an exam for an upgrade, change of address, renewal, name change, etc. If the person taking the exam does not have a driver’s license nor passport, an adult family member must get in touch with me before teaking the exam. Good luck on the exam, and we are looking forward to meeting you personally at the test locations. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Event sponsored by: online memorials


Yesterday, the SC House passed an anti-texting bill, H 4451. This bill if passed by the Senate, would become law,  making it illegal for a person to "use an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway." This bill does not affect most amateur radio activities,  because of the way it defines electronic device and electronic message: 

 (1)    'Electronic communication device' means an electronic device, including, but not limited to a wireless telephone, personal digital assistant, a text messaging device, or a portable or mobile computer while being used for the purpose of composing, reading, or sending an electronic message, but does not include a global positioning system or navigation system or a device that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle.

(2)    'Electronic message' means a self-contained piece of digital communication that is designed or intended to be transmitted between physical devices. 'Electronic message' includes, but is not limited to electronic mail, a text message, an instant message, or a command or request to access an Internet site.

The majority of amateur mobile communications are exempt, because they are not "self-contained pieces of digital communication". That exemption includes D-Star and most APRS operation.  Sending messages via APRS is the one gray area. If the equipment and antenna is permanently mounted in the vehicle, then it is exempt. If an HT is used to send a message via APRS while driving, it may not be, because an HT is not "physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle."

There were other bills under consideration with considerably broader definitions that would have impacted mobile operations greatly, so this bill moving on to the SC Senate is a positive outcome. 


It's baaaack!!     The Greenwood Hamfest will be held on 01/14/2012 at:
Piedmont Technical College
620 North Emerald Road
Greenwood, SC 29646.

The event is sponsored by the Greenwood Amateur Radio Society

Talk in will be on 147.165+ (PL 107.2)


We have a new State Governmental Liaison (SGL), Michael Jordan, K3ZMD. Michael lives and works in Hilton Head, SC. Our legislature has finished its work for the year, so this is a good time to have a new person come on board as SGL..

The Carolinas Net has a new Net Manager, Don Negus, N0SU. They have been looking for a while, so I know they are glad that Don has stepped forward. I wish Don the best in his new role, and encourage you to participate in the Carolinas Net.



We have a new Affiliated Club Coordinator for the South Carolina Section of the Roanoke Division of the ARRL, Carl Bosard, AJ4AU. Carl lives in North Augusta, SC.  He currently serves as President of the North Augusta - Belvedere Radio Club and on the Board of Directors of the Amateur Radio Club of Augusta, GA.

Carl's job is to help SC clubs promote Amateur Radio, exchange demonstrations for meetings, assist with materials and preparations for meetings, hamfests, and other activities.

I am looking forward to working with Carl to support club activities in our Section. Be sure to thank Carl for his service when you see him.



The monthly report for May has been updated with the Net and Traffic reports. Please click on the link to the left to go to the monthly report.



The big news this month is a bill before the current session of Congress, HR607, Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011”. You can view this bill at: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112hr607ih/pdf/BILLS-112hr607ih.pdf.

Although the ARRL supports allocation of spectrum for public safety needs, this particular bill contains a provision that would require the FCC to auction off 420-440 and 450-470 MHz. Amateurs would lose most of the 70 cm band. All amateurs should contact their local representative and ask them to oppose HR607 in its current form.  You can find a sample letter that you can use at http://www.arrl.org/sample-letters. You will also find information on that page that explains how to send your letters to the ARRL lobbyist, Chwat and Co., who can forward them directly and quickly to Congress. Please click on the link above and take a moment to send a letter to your representative. It is very important that we let Congress know where we stand on this bill. If you know amateurs who are not ARRL members, please ask them to contact their representative as well – because they are not members, they would not have received any of the e-mails regarding this sent by the ARRL and they may not be aware of HR607.


Dr. Fred Hambrecht, W4JLE reports that on 14 May 2011, the USS Yorktown will be back on the air using call sign NWKJ for the first time in 41 years. Although the Yorktown has been put on the air by the Charleston Amateur Radio Society, WA4USN, this will be the first time the Yorktown’s military call has been used since she was decommissioned. The amateur frequencies that will be monitored by the shipboard operators will be announced on the following frequencies:


4010.0 KHz (LSB)

7348.0 KHz (LSB)

14478.5 KHz (USB)

20994.0 KHz (USB)





The point of contact for this activity is Fred Hambrect:


129 Indian Trace Court

Gilbert, SC 29054



The NC and SC STM’s have been asked to find a new net manager for the Carolinas Net. Interested amateurs should contact their respective STM:
            SC STM – Mac N4MEH  n4meh@arrl.net

            NC STM – W4DNA w4dna@arrl.net


Information about the Carolinas Net can be found at: http://www.ncarrl.org/nets/nc_nts_nets.html



Most of you are familiar with SCHEART, a linked repeater system accessible from almost any point in the state that allows amateurs in SC to provide emergency communications support for more than 50 hospitals. South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) played a pivotal role in the implementation of SCHEART, providing engineering support and manpower for the installation of the wide area repeaters, allowing SCHEART to use its statewide digital microwave system for repeater linking and taking on responsibility for maintenance of the equipment. Now SCETV, which has helped amateurs so much, needs our help. The SC Legislature is considering defunding SCETV as a cost-saving measure. This would mean the end of SCETV and the end of SCHEART. If you believe that the SCHEART network is important, please tell your local State Representative and State Senator to support funding for SCETV. Here is a link to an application that will let you find your State Representative and State Senator:  http://www.scstatehouse.gov/cgi-bin/zipcodesearch.exe  


Use this link to send a message to your State Representative:



Use this link to send a message to your State Senator:



Ms. Alene Wilkins, an eighth-grade science teach at DuBose Middle School in Summerville, SC, asked me to send you an email about the upcoming "School Club Roundup" - the radio contest for school clubs, which will occur during the week of Feb 14th.  Her radio club, K4DMS will participate all week except on Wednesday and she encourages all SC amateurs to take a moment to work K4DMS as well as other school clubs on the air next week.  


Vice Director Jim Boehner N2ZZ and I will be traveling around during Field Day weekend visiting Field Day sites across SC. Jim will be visiting sites in SC east of I-77 and north of Charleston, as well as sites in eastern NC. I will be covering the rest of the state.  Please let us know where and when you will be operating, so that we can add you to our itinerary.




Here is a note about Winter Field Day from our new PIC, Tammy, KI4PTJ:


Are you planning to attend Winter Field Day?  If your club isn't participating you still have options.  You can work this event from home, OR you can join hams from the Columbia Amateur Radio Club or Trident Amateur Radio Club at one their sites.  All hams and other interested parties are welcome to attend.


If your club IS planning to host this at a site, please feel free to reply all and make other hams aware of your location/information.


For more information on the CARC location please see http://carc.ham-radio-op.net/directions/spar_wfd.shtml


For more information on the TARC location, please see http://www.tridenthams.org/WinterFD.htm


For actual information on Winter Field Day and official rules, please reference this site...




Happy New Year to everyone! We begin the year by welcoming a new appointee, Tammy Livingston KI4PTJ, who will replace Dennis Zabawa as the Section Public Information Coordinator.  She did a great job asPIO for the Columbia club and I know that she will de even better as Section PIC. If you see her be sure to thank and congratulate her.

As I  begin a new term as Section Manager, I would like to thank the amateur radio operators of SC for their support. I look forward to serving the SC amateur radio community in 2011 and beyond.

I shared information about upcoming VE Testing Sessions in my monthly report and I would like to repeat that information here.



12 February, Methodist Manor, 2100 Twin Church Road, at 9 a.m

9 April  2011 at the Carolinas Hospital, 805 Pamplico Highway, (Route 51) at 9 a.m


8 October, Methodist Manor, 2100 Twin Church Road, at 9 a.m


10 December  2011 at the Carolinas Hospital, 805 Pamplico Highway, (Route 51) at 9 a.m





Dates: 19 February, 16 April, 18 June, 20 August, 1 October, 17 December (all Saturdays)

Time: 9:30 am


Location: YCARS Club House, Squires Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730 except for the October session which will be held at the Rock Hill Hamfest.




REMEMBER:  You will need to bring a photo ID, license and copy of license


Berkeley County, South Carolina ARES/RACES will operate a Special Event Station K4B to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of ARES. Special Event operation will start at 11:00 EDT, after the end of their regular meeting, and will cease operation at 23:00 EDT.


They will operate a single HF transmitter using the EOC Radio Room FT-857 on Phone, CW and Digital, depending on availability of operators. Please check the web page for update to our operating schedule.





Here is a report from Charlie Miller, AE4UX, our representative on the ARRL Emcomm Advisory Committee (ECAC)   

The committee has received an assignment from the P&SC.  That is to study and provide comments on the design, development and operating procedures for the ARRL Ham Aid “Go Kit” program. If you have comments you would like to have considered by the ECAC, please send them to Charlie Miller, AE4UX at ae4ux@bellsouth.net.  The next ECAC meeting will be on September 1, 2010.



The following announcement comes from Tammy Livingston, KI4PTJ, the PIO of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club. 
She is looking for volunteers to help with the MS Breakaway to the Beach. This event takes place on Sep 25 and 26 2010.
The event starts at Camden High School, Camden SC. For more information about the event, to to:
To volunteer, to use the following URL and register as a ham radio operator.
http://ms150maps.com/2010/ham_signups.php. Please notify Tammy that you've volunteered to assist and what position you've signed up for.

The Florence Amateur Radio Club needs volunteers, who need not be amateurs to help with the Pee Dee Air Show at Florence Airport this Saturday and Sunday (5 June and 6 June). The gates open at 8:00 am Saturday morning and 9:00 am on Sunday. The show itself begins at noon both days and ends at 5:00 pm. Volunteers get free admission and possibly a meal ticket. More information about the show is available at www.peedeeairshow.com. Anyone interested should call  John Germain, KA3JAL.

Dr. Jim Boehner, Roanoke Division Vice Director will be on the road again during Field Day! Details of his itinerary appear in the May monthly report.

Katie Bessley, KI4LSZ, our Assistant Section Manager for Youth made her first trip to the Dayton Hamvention this year. Check out her impression of Dayton under the Youth Report link.


York County Amateur Radio Society will hold its May Program Meeting at the new York County EOC Facility, 149 W Black Street, Rock Hill, SC at 7:30 PM. Cotton Howell, KC4TYY, Director of the York County Emergency Operations Center will be giving club members a tour of the facility. The new, state-of-the-art facility has an area designated specifically for amateur radio emergency communications that should be the highlight of the tour. For more information, please contact Mr. Brent Case, K4BSC.


Ryan Lee, K3SFG, Assistant Section Manager - Youth Activities for the East Bay (CA) section has asked me pass the following information along:

The East Bay section has aYouth Net. It occurs every Saturday @ 2 pm PST (5pm EST) on the N6NFI Repeater (145.230 -100). For those not in the SF Bay Area, Echolink may be used: KR6DD-R (271122) or N6WN-R (477737).

Note: Only hams 18 and younger can check-in to this net. If someone is under 18 or younger, but does not have a license, they may check-in to the net, as long as a control operator is present.



Here's a blurb on the CARC Swapfest from Tammy Livingston, CARC PIO:

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club is hosting their annual Swapfest/Tailgate party on April 17th, 2010 from 9am to 12pm (8am set-up and 1pm clean-up).  The location this year is Caughman Rd Park.  Free Admission, Free Parking, and Free coffee!!  Just bring your own tables and chairs and stuff to trade/sell.  All are welcome! For additional information, link to: http://carc.ham-radio-op.net/activity/swapfest.shtml



As some of you may know, the SC legislature is considering a bill to ban the use of wireless devices in moving vehicles. Currently, there are two bills under consideration in the State Senate, S642 and S954, as well as two others in the State House of Representatives, H4190 and H4206.  Please take a moment to send your State Representative and State Senator an e-mail to let them know how important it is that these bills contain an exemption for mobile amateur radio operations. 

Here is a sample text for an e-mail message that you might send to a State Senator

As you are likely aware, S642 and S954,  the "-18 cell phone bill" and the "+18 cell phone bill", are currently being considered by the SC Senate. With respect to either of them, please ensure that the legislation provides an exclusion that permits amateur radio operators to use their equipment in moving vehicles. Amateur Radio Operators, who are licensed by the FCC, provide communications during emergencies to serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity. The ability of amateurs to serve the public interest in an emergency would be severely limited by an outright ban on the use of wireless devices in a moving vehicle.

Here is a sample text for an e-mail message that you might send to a State Representative

As you are likely aware, H4190 and H4206, under consideration by the SC House of Representatives, deal with cell phones. With respect to either of them, please ensure that the legislation provides an exclusion that permits amateur radio operators to use their equipment in moving vehicles. Amateur Radio Operators, who are licensed by the FCC, provide communications during emergencies to serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity. The ability of amateurs to serve the public interest in an emergency would be severely limited by an outright ban on the use of wireless devices in a moving vehicle.

If you are not sure who your House Member or Senator is, you can find out by going to http://www.scstatehouse.gov/

Select the "Find Your Legislator" option in the left panel. You will be asked to enter your 9-digit Zip Code. After you enter your zip code, four results will appear on the screen. The first two will be your US Senators and Congressman. You can ignore these. The next two results will be your State Senator and State Representative. These are the folks to whom you should send your e-mail. If you click on their name, you should be redirected to their web sites, which will have a "send a message" option.



The Columbia Amateur Radio Club will once again be coordinating communications for the American Diabetes Association (SC) for their Tour de Cure ride here in SC.  The event will be held Saturday, May 1st and the ride will start and finish at Little Mountain Reunion Park.


This is an ALL DAY event.  There will be a pre-event meeting at 7am SHARP, after which volunteers will be released to go to their assigned positions. The ride will run until approximately 3pm or whenever the directors close the route and clear the course of riders.


You do NOT have to be a member of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club to participate. This event draws riders from all over the state and there were volunteers from 5 different clubs last year.  All are welcome!!


You do NOT have to have your own equipment to work this event.  This year CARC is teaming up with SCHEART and will be using their trailer as Net Control.  There will be some equipment available to anyone who would like to work that doesn't have a hand-held radio.


You do NOT have to have experience to work this event. CARC has been focusing on training new and inexperienced hams in event protocol.  If you have never worked an event but would like to see this side of Amateur Radio, you can be paired with an Elmer so you can provide public service and have fun in your hobby at the same time.


If you are interested in working this event, please contact Tammy A. Livingston, KI4PTJ, the Public Information Officer for the Columbia Amateur Radio Club at livi4461@sc.rr.com with your assignment preference ( (Rest Stop, SAG, Sweep, Director Liaison, Medical Liaison, etc), T-shirt size, and cell number (for Director only).



 I mentioned in my monthly report that the South Carolina Legislature is considering legislation to restrict cell phone use in motor vehicles that could also impact the use of mobile amateur radio equipment. The bill that has attracted the most attention is currently working its way through the Senate, S-954, sponsored by Sens. Rankin and Elliott. There are similar bills working their way through the House, the most recent of which is H-4190, sponsored by Reps. Sellers, Bales and Harrison. Our Section Government Liaison Dennis Fowler, KG4JIA, is working with legislators to get an exemption included for amateurs, but legislators are often more responsive to concerns raised by their constituents. I would urge you to contact your legislators regarding these bills and to let them know how important it is for an exemption for amateurs to be included. Please be thoughtful and polite in your communications; a little kindness goes a long way. J




 The Board of Directors of the ARRL has established an Emergency Communications Advisory Committee to provide advice on EMCOMM issues and it will include a representative from each ARRL Division. Any amateur interested in becoming the Roanoke Division representative should forward his/her resume to me before 24 February. Each section manager will pass his recommendation along to the Director, who will make the final decision.




 - The 2010 Charleston Hamfest is behind us and from my vantage point at the ARRL table, things looked very, very good. There were more indoor vendors and attendance appeared to be up over last year. Our guest from ARRL HQ, Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, and our new Vice Director, Jim Boehner, N2ZZ, gave interesting presentations during the ARRL Forum that were well attended. There was also a good crowd at the technical presentation, the first by our new Technical Coordinator, Les Shattuck, K4NK. We had lots of visitors at the ARRL table and it was a pleasure to speak to all of them.

I would like to thank our hosts, the Charleston Amateur Radio Society, who did a wonderful job, Norm, W3IZ, Jim, N2ZZ, and Les, K4NK for their thoughtful comments during their presentations, all the vendors for their hard work, and finally, all the amateurs who came out on Saturday morning to be part of the event.

Tammy, KI4PTJ, the Public Information Officer for the Columbia Amateur Radio Club sent the following information, which may be of interest to SC amateurs interested in public service:

Lexington County Medical Center is sponsoring their first annual Colon Cancer Bike Ride on Saturday, March 20th.  This event is still being planned but they contacted the Columbia Amateur Radio Club (CARC) for communications assistance as soon as they secured the date. CARC openly invites all hams to participate in any of their meetings, workshops, and events.  All hams are welcome to participate regardless of club affiliation or experience level.



Happy New Year to everyone! I am Marc Tarplee, N4UFP, the new Section Manager for the ARRL South Carolina Section. I have been appointed to fill out the balance of Dr. Jim’s term and it is a pleasure and an honor to serve the amateur radio community in SC.  Some of you may already know me – for the past seven years I have served as the section Technical Coordinator and had an opportunity to meet and provide technical assistance to many amateurs in our Section.

My duties as Technical Coordinator will now be taken over by Les Shattuck, K4NK. He is a very knowledgeable guy with lots of electronics experience. He has served our section and our division in a variety of capacities, including an earlier stint as Technical Coordinator, so I know that he will do a great job.

While on the subject of technical support, I would like to share the following information I received from Tammy, KI4PTJ, the Public Information Officer for the Columbia Amateur Radio Club:

“The Columbia Amateur Radio Club will be holding a Programming Session on Monday, February 1st during their monthly meeting.  They are inviting all hams to bring any equipment they have the needs programming (some radios are just scary) along with its accompanying manual and other hams in attendance will be there to assist with getting everyone up and running. This will be a great opportunity for any ham to come and get some help with their equipment.  I know Monday nights aren't always a great option but we did want to make this available to ALL hams, not just those that normally attend our meetings. “

12-31-2009 - On my last day as South Carolina Section Manager, I would like to thank everyone AGAIN for all of your support over the last seven years!  It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I know that I am leaving the South Carolina Section in good hands!  Marc Tarplee N4UFP will become the South Carolina Section Manager as of 1/1/10.  Please offer him the same support during his tenure as Section Manager!  I will assume the post of Vice Director of the Roanoke Division on the above date.  Rest assured that I will be representing you and the rest of the Roanoke Division on the ARRL Board of Directors!

My best wishes to everyone and Have a Very Happy New Year!

12-13-2009 - The December Youth Report by Katie KI4LSZ, ASM-Youth is now on-line!  Please click the link on the right sidebar to view!

12-11-2009 - Section News is now on-line.  Please click on "SC Section News" on the left sidebar!

12-9-2009 - It is my pleasure to announce my successor as Section Manager of South Carolina!

Upon my recommendation to our Roanoke Division Director, Dennis W4PWF, and his recommendation to the ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager, Dave NN1N, at ARRL HQ, Marc Tarplee N4UFP, TC has been appointed Section Manager of South Carolina beginning January 1, 2010, to finish out my term of office.  Marc's term will continue through December 31, 2010.

Marc and I met this past weekend to discuss the Section Manager position in detail.  I received word that Marc's appointment was official today!  The ARRL news story will be released on Thursday or Friday.

Marc has been Technical Coordinator of the ARRL-SC team since I became Section Manager in 2003.  He has given numerous presentations to clubs and hamfests throughout the state.  He will represent our section well!

Further details will be given in my December Section Report!

NEW INFORMATION: Link to ARRL News Story: http://www.arrl.org/?artid=9332

11-22-09 -  I am very proud to announce that I won the election for Vice Director of the Roanoke Division, and will begin my new term of office on January 1st, 2010 for three years.  I was notified by ARRL President Joel Harrison W5ZN on Friday November 20th that I won the election with 1692 votes to my opponent’s 1496 votes.  This was a close election!  My opponent Hal Turley W8HC of West Virginia sent me a congratulatory e-mail after the results were known, which I greatly appreciated.  This will mean that I will have to leave my position as SC Section Manager to serve on the ARRL Board of Directors.  I do have someone from the ARRL-SC team in mind who has accepted the position if offered.  The ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager, in consultation with the Division Director, has the authority to make the appointment.  When this is official, I will announce the individual who will finish out my term as Section Manager!    I certainly will not be going away-I still plan to be available and attend most, if not all, of the SC hamfests!  It has been my long term goal to serve on the ARRL Board of Directors, as I know I will have a more direct role in shaping Amateur Radio in the future!  Thanks to EVERYONE for your support for my tenure as Section Manager, and as future Vice Director of the Roanoke Division!  The ARRL News story is here: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2009/11/20/11212/?nc=1


Note:  I have filled out the hamfest events for the full year of 2009-some have not been registered with the ARRL yet. and they are listed when they would normally fall during the calendar year.  Please forward any corrections to me.


January 9, 2010-Greenwood Hamfest *****CANCELLED***** to be held at the Greenwood Civic Center.  Talk-in will be available on 147.165+ / ALT 443.900+. Click HERE for a copy of their hamfest flyer

February 6, 2010-Charleston Hamfest and Computer Showand the ARRL 2010 SC State Convention(!)to be held at the Exchange Park Fairground, 9850 Highway 78, Ladson, SC.  Exit 203 off of I-26, College Park Road.  For a copy of their hamfest flyer, click HERE .  Check www.wa4usn.org for further developments!

March 13 & 14, 2010-Charlotte, NC Hamfest and Computer Fair  to be held at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, NC (NEW LOCATION!).  For further information, check out the Mecklenburg ARS hamfest webpage: http://www.w4bfb.org/hamfest .

May 1, 2010-Upstate Hamfest to be held in Spartanburg, SC.  ARRL 2010 SC Section Convention(!) For further information, go to UPSTATEHAMFEST.COM Talk-in 146.610-

May 14-16, 2010-The DAYTON HAMVENTION!  Visit www.hamvention.org for details!


January 10, 2009-Greenwood Hamfest to be held at the Greenwood Civic Center.  Talk-in will be available on 147.165+ / ALT 443.900+. Click HERE for a copy of their hamfest flyer!

February 7, 2009-Charleston Hamfest and Computer Show  and the ARRL 2009 SC State Convention(!)to be held at the Exchange Park Fairground, 9850 Highway 78, Ladson, SC.  Exit 203 off of I-26, College Park Road.

March 14 & 15, 2009-Charlotte, NC Hamfest and Computer Fair  to be held at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, NC (NEW LOCATION!).  For further information, check out the Mecklenburg ARS hamfest webpage: http://www.w4bfb.org/hamfest .

May 2, 2009-Upstate Hamfest to be held in Spartanburg, SC.  ARRL 2008 SC Section Convention(!) For further information, go to http://upstatehamfest.org Talk-in 146.610-

May 15-17, 2009-The DAYTON HAMVENTION!  Visit www.hamvention.org for details!

July 25, 2009-The Western Carolina Hamfest (NC) will be held at the Haywood County Fairgrounds.  Information can be found at http://www.wcars.org/hamfest.html .  Talk-in 146.91 / 147.39

August 15, 2009-The Trident Amateur Radio Club will be holding a tailgate party on this date at the Moncks Corner FOP Lodge 19, Highway 17, 1319 S Live Oak Drive, Moncks Corner, SC, from 09:00 to 15:00 EDT. Visit their website http://www.tridenthams.org/ for further information!

September 5 & 6, 2009-The 51th Annual SHELBY Hamfest will be held in Dallas, NC at Biggerstaff Park in Gaston County. Biggerstaff Park is located twenty miles East of Shelby and three miles North of I-85 on NC HWY 279 (Dallas Cherryville Highway).   For further information, go to: www.shelbyhamfest.org or click HERE to see their hamfest flyer! Talk-in 146.880 / 147.120

October 3, 2009-Rock Hill Hamfest to be held at the Faith Assembly of God, 2800 Faith Blvd in Rock Hill.  Talk-in 147.03- .  For full details, go to http://www.rockhillhamfest.com .

October 10, 2009
-The 31st Annual Lake Hartwell Hamfest will be held at Darwin Wright Park in Anderson, SC.  Talk-in 146.790.  Click HERE for a copy of their hamfest flyer.  www.andersonradioclub.us

October 10, 2009-The Augusta (GA) hamfest will be held at Evans Middle School, 4785 Hereford Farm Road, Evans, GA.  Doors open at 9am.  Talk-in 145.490.   Click HERE for a copy of their hamfest flyer.

October 24, 2009-Sumter "Open Air" Hamfest to be held at the Sumter Jaycee Hut in Sumter, SC.  Talk-in 147.015, pl 156.7.  For full details, visit http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/2695/sara.htm .  For their hamfest flyer, click HERE

October 31, 2009-Grand Strand BEACHFEST *****CANCELLED*****to be held in Garden City, SC.  New Date, New Location!  For further information and a downloadable hamfest flyer, go to http://www.w4gs.org/beachfest/index.shtml


9-16-05 - The dedication of the Aiken County Emergency Services Amateur Radio Trailer was on Wednesday, September 14th.  There for the dedication were Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt, Aiken County Council Chairman Ronny Young, Aiken County Emergency Management Coordinator David Ruth, K4DLR, representatives from the State Emergency Management Department, Bob Besley K4NJN, ASM6, Tony Sealy N4ADM, TS and myself.  There was excellent news coverage from two local television news teams, WJBF and WRDW.  I was able to record the news and produce a streaming video for the web, in Windows Media Format.  It is available   I have also added a newspaper article about the trailer in PDF format HERE.  According to Bob K4NJN ASM6, final touches are being put on the trailer and training will be held for each of the 6 EMD areas in South Carolina this Fall!

5-16-05-A message from Steve Ewald WV1X, ARRL HQ:


I'm pleased to report that the ARRL's Programs and Service Committee, a committee of the ARRL Board of Directors, has authorized ARRL to add FORTY SEVEN to its list of ARRL Numbered Radiograms.

The definition of FORTY SEVEN is

"Reference your message number ____ to  _____ delivered on  ____ at ____ UTC."

The list of ARRL Numbered Radiograms (including FORTY SEVEN) is found at this ARRL Web page in three different formats: HTML, Adobe PDF, and Word for Windows.


Steve Ewald, WV1X
ARRL Field Organization/ Public Service Team

News Flash!

Word from WARC 2003 is that by the year 2009, the entire world will have an exclusive 40 meter allocation from 7000-7200 kHz, and shortwave broadcast stations will move out of 7100-7200 kHz in Regions 1 & 3! Amateurs in those regions are currently limited to 7000-7100 kHz.  This was a compromise made at the WARC, which should finish up by today, July 4th!  This does not affect our 7000-7300 kHz exclusive amateur allocation in Region 2.  This marks the first time that an HF broadcasting band has been moved to accommodate the needs of another service! The full story is available on the ARRL website: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2003/07/03/4/?nc=1 .  Thanks to our IARU team that made this possible!

60 Meters is now a reality!

As of July 3rd at midnight local time, five frequencies on the 60 meter band became available to US amateur radio operators.  Power limit on this band is 50 watts ERP.  50 watts PEP to a half-wave dipole (which is considered to be 0 dB gain) would satisfy FCC requirements.  If gain antennas are used, you must "do the math" and decrease power to keep your signal to 50 watts ERP.  Bandwidth is limited to 2.8 kHz.  Recommendations state that the signals must be "within a few tens of Hertz" of suppressed carrier accuracy.  Further information is available on the ARRL website: http://www2.arrl.org/news/stories/2003/06/03/1/?nc=1 .  The five center frequencies follow (in kHz), with the actual VFO frequency (the one that your rig should be tuned to) following in parentheses. You will note that the VFO frequency is 1.5 kHz below the center frequency: 5332(5330.5), 5348(5346.5), 5368(5366.5), 5373(5371.5), and 5405(5403.5).  The last frequency is currently used in the UK for experimentation  .  

This is a "foot in the door"!  Please follow all regulations to the letter-if we prove we can use this band productively, perhaps we will earn a full band allocation in the future!

The ARRL Section News will no longer be found on the pages of QST beginning with the January 2003 issue.  The Official SC ARRL Section News is available on the ARRL website:


As a supplement to the Section News on the ARRL Website, I will also publish the SC Section News on this website.  I was given a suggestion that the Section News should be available from past months, so I will be adding an archive section for the SC Section News beginning in January 2003 on this site.

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